A high velocity thermal weeder that uses heat to control weeds in urban and rural areas with no chemicals required. Made in France.

Ripagreen - Thermal Weeding System / Thermal Weeder

Thermal Weeding System
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A high velocity thermal weeder that uses heat to control weeds in urban and rural areas with no chemicals required. Made in France.

Product Description

Provide the environment with an all natural, chemical-free solution to weed control in both urban and rural areas with the Ripagreen Thermal Weeder / Weeding System.

The Ripagreen Thermal Weeder is comprised of two essential parts:

  • Thermal Weeding Lance with Trigger Gun
  • Mobile Cart
  • BBQ Propane Tank required (NOT INCLUDED)

This professional high velocity heating system from Ripagreen ensures speed, comfort, and accuracy for thermal weed control / de-weeding operations, taking a 100% natural approach with no herbicides or hazardous chemicals required. The high velocity heat generated by the Thermal Extension Lance evaporates moisture in weeds by "thermally shocking" them, making weeds die naturally by exploding their cells. You will just require the propane tank (NOT INCLUDED).

Thermal Weeding Lance

Lightweight, balanced, and ergonomic, the Thermal Weeding Extension / Lance provides a short, rigid, and directed high velocity fan-shaped flame with a high level of accuracy and safety. Heat is distributed in a line up to 16" wide, destroying weeds in one quick pass. The Lance has adjustable heating power and diffuses heat from the flame through a stainless steel nozzle. The nozzle can be swivelled through 360° for accurate weeding in cluttered areas. A device on the Cart allows for the nozzle to be directed without removing the extension. For hard-to-reach areas, the Lance can be disassembled and the nozzle can be placed on the gun for pin-point accuracy. The ergonomic design of the extension allows one user to push the unit with the Cart to cover large areas or carried in complex, isolated areas. Low gas consumption allows for more than 6 hours of continuous use, mostly due to the 'click and start' ignition system.

  • Heating Width: 16"
  • Heating Power: 45-76 kW
  • Operating Pressure: 21-50 psi
  • Min. / Max. Temperature @ 16": 250° F / 400° F
  • Temperature / Distance: 840° F @ 12", 480° F @ 24"
  • Length: 63"
  • Gas Consumption: 6.4-11.5 lbs. / hr
  • Max. Noise Level: < 85 dbA
  • 'Click and Start' ignition system
  • Built-in igniter with spare ; Handle has backup lighter that can change in seconds without tools
  • Length of Lance keeps user away from heat source
  • 12' long gas hose connects to swivel fitting and provides large working radius around the cart
  • Automatic low-pressure detection, shuts off pressure from gas tank
  • Fully adjustable pressure regulator cuts gas supply in case of system leak

Mobile Cart

The Mobile Carrying Cart transports the Thermal Weeding Lance, propane tank, and pipe, along with a water bottle or fire extinguisher (not included). It squeezes in almost anywhere thanks to its compact design, allowing you to move along narrow areas and navigate easily between curbs and obstacles. The Mobile Cart can adapt instantly to each working mode (see 'Modes of Use'), as well as the user's size with a quick adjustment. The handle can be reversed around the steering column to change between pushed and pulled ergonomic control modes. The Cart has various holders for each device and accessory. The three puncture-proof wheels can be moved back and forth over sandy and difficult terrain. A parking brake can be utilized on one of the wheels to stabilize the Cart on a slope.

  • Frame: Epoxy painted steel tube
  • Stainless steel handle, brake, and nozzle orientation device
  • Tiller Height Settings: 33", 36", 39"
  • Folded Dimensions: 31" x 22" x 22" ; Weight: 27.5 lbs.
  • Parking brake on wheel keeps Cart stable on slopes

Modes of Use:

  1. Push Mode (single user) - treat long straight lines with a 16" heating width or weed along walls or pavements.
  2. Pull Mode (single user) - move quickly from one area to the next without carrying or forgetting anything.
  3. Pull Mode (dual users) - improves efficiency when alternating between travelling and weeding is too frequent.
  4. Carry Mode (single user) - weed around trees and in narrow, hard-to-reach areas.
  5. Vehicle Mode (dual users) - driver positions vehicle at the center of various treatable areas while their partner weeds with the lance. Great for quickly treating large accessible but scattered areas of abnormally positioned plants.

Common areas the Ripagreen Thermal Weeder can be used for weed control include pathways, walkways, driveways, pavement, rockeries / alpine gardens, hard-to-reach areas, hilly terrain, and areas with difficult terrain. The quality of the flame and safety of the Ripagreen Propane Weeder makes it great for applications other than weed control, such as plastic trimming, flame treatment, road surface marking, and melting snow and ice in the winter.

To see the Ripagreen in action, refer to the Video tab above.

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