Designed for cleaning spray tanks and empty agrochemical containers.

Proclean High Performance Tank and Container Wash Nozzles

Proclean Tank Rinse Nozzle - C
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Designed for cleaning spray tanks and empty agrochemical containers.

Product Description

ProClean Nozzles are designed for rinsing and cleaning bottles, jugs, tanks and containers up to 12 gallon capacity. They increase efficiency and work rates and use less water than conventional tank rinsing nozzles. Get better tank cleaning between loads and more effective container rinsing for applicator safety and proper recycling.

Part # Description
PC1/2F-235120 ProClean Tank Wash Nozzle
PC1/2F-36075 ProClean Container Wash Nozzle
PC1/2F-36075-PV ProClean Container Wash Nozzle and Valve
PV1/2F1/2M-MA ProClean Push Valve Assembly

ProClean Tank Rinse Nozzles

PC1/2F-235120 tank rinse nozzles have eight fluid driven jets designed to cover the top and sides of your tank. The nozzles effectively flush chemical residues from the tank sidewalls for better crop safety, less plug-causing debris and allows for faster changeover between chemicals and crops.

ProClean Container Rinse Nozzles

PC1/2F-36075 and PC1/2F-36075-PV container rinse nozzle is designed for better and faster cleaning of agrochemical containers. The nozzle uses four fluid driven fan jets to pressure wash all areas of your container. More effective cleaning allows faster filling operations, safer container recycling and increased operational efficiency.

Easy operation push valve is ideal for use with the container wash nozzle, requires the same force to activate spraying at all pressures. The on/off valve operates the jet when the container neck is pressed down onto it.

Optimum performance from 30 to 70 psi, the tank wash nozzle includes an adapter for use in high pressure applications of up to 150 psi. Connection is 1/2" NPT.

  • Adapter included with tank wash nozzle