This is a Vertical High Pressure Spray Boom Kit complete for the do-it-yourselfer.

Tree / Shrub High Pressure Boom Kit

4 Nozzle Tree Spray Boom Kit
USD $246.21
6 Nozzle Tree Spray Boom Kit
USD $324.55
Brass Valves 1/4" Female X Male Cap Thread
USD $45.70
  • SKU: 25-4FMN-BT
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This is a Vertical High Pressure Spray Boom Kit complete for the do-it-yourselfer.

Product Description

This vertical spray kit comes complete and requires only a knife and screwdriver to assemble. You will need to supply the 1/2" steel or aluminum pipe only: Due to shipping costs we do not include the piping.

The High Pressure Spray Kit is designed to operate at 150 psi. This high-pressure effectively breaks the spray droplet into a desirable size that penetrates the canopy of nursery shrubs, Christmas trees, grapes, orchard, and vineyard stocks that require applications of insecticides and fungicides. The adjustable 5500X8 nozzle provides a spray selection from wide angle, finely atomized cone spray to a straight stream. The nozzles are best mounted vertically 15" apart and 24" from the spray target.

You can add nozzle shut off valves (025-4FMN-BT) to your kit: this will enable you to choose which nozzles you want to use. You will have to add one valve for each nozzle you want to control. If the target to be sprayed is growing or varies in height the optional individual nozzle shutoff's should be added to your purchase.

Each Kit Includes

  • Brass Nozzle Body Assembly (assembly components listed below).
  • Mounting Assembly (assembly components listed below).
  • Hose and hose clamps.
  • 6 nylon ties.
  • 3/4" GHT sprayer outlet tap connector.
  • TeeJet calibration catalog.

Brass Nozzle Body Assembly Includes

  • Boom clamp AA111 1/2".
  • 1/2" tee (single 9191A or double 9192A).
  • Nozzle tip strainer 4514-32 (equivalent to 16 mesh).
  • Adjustable nozzle 5500X8.

Mounting Assembly Includes

  • 1/2" galvanized 90° elbow GALV90DSTR1/2.
  • 2 - 1/2" hose barbs 125-8D.
  • 1/2" ball valve 400WOG.5.

Pump Requirements

  • 4-nozzle boom kit: 3.3 gpm @ 150 psi
  • 6-nozzle boom kit: 5.5 gpm @ 150 psi

This is a High Pressure Spray Boom Kit; for Weed Spray Boom Kits see Related Products.

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