Nozzle caps for Teejet nozzles and tips.

Teejet Threaded Nozzle Caps - Brass and Nylon

Teejet Long Nozzle Cap for Ceramic Nozzles
USD $1.89
  • SKU: CP20230
Teejet Nozzle Cap - Brass
USD $1.49
  • SKU: CP1325
  • Buy 50 for USD $1.39 each and save 7%
Teejet Nozzle Cap Gasket
USD $1.47
  • SKU: CP20229-NY
Teejet Nozzle Cap - Nylon
USD $0.96
  • SKU: CP8027-NYB
Teejet Nozzle Cap - Stainless Steel
USD $7.07
  • SKU: CP1325-SS
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Nozzle caps for Teejet nozzles and tips.

Product Description

Secure interchangeable TeeJet tips to various nozzle bodies.

These caps fit on TeeJet hose shanks, the thread is called TeeJet cap thread.

  • The CP1325 brass cap is the most common TeeJet nozzle cap.
  • The TeeJet CP8027-NYB is the same as the CP1325 Cap except it is Nylon.
  • The CP1325-SS stainless steel cap is the stainless version of the CP1325 and is far less commonly used.

If using ceramic nozzles and caps, you must use the extra long brass cap CP20230 and a 20229NY gasket.

All the threads on the CP1325 caps are 11/16 TeeJet cap thread. This is not a very commonly used thread and mostly only found on TeeJet or Spraying Systems parts. You will not find it in your local hardware store, for example.

TeeJet Cap Material
CP8027-NYB Nylon
CP1325 Brass
CP20230 Brass
CP1325-SS Stainless steel
CP20229-NY (gasket) Nylon

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