Teejet Streamjet Nozzles SJ-3.

Teejet Streamjet SJ-3 Fertilizer Nozzles

Streamjet Fertilizer Nozzle - 0.15 gpm
USD $8.06
  • SKU: SJ3-015-VP
Streamjet Fertilizer Nozzle - 0.2 gpm
USD $8.06
  • SKU: SJ3-02-VP
Streamjet Fertilizer Nozzle - 0.3 gpm
USD $8.06
  • SKU: SJ3-03-VP
Streamjet Fertilizer Nozzle - 0.4 gpm
USD $8.06
  • SKU: SJ3-04-VP
Streamjet Fertilizer Nozzle - 0.5 gpm
USD $8.06
  • SKU: SJ3-05-VP
Streamjet Fertilizer Nozzle - 0.6 gpm
USD $8.06
  • SKU: SJ3-06-VP
Streamjet Fertilizer Nozzle - 0.8 gpm
USD $8.06
  • SKU: SJ3-08-VP
Streamjet Fertilizer Nozzle - 1.0 gpm
USD $8.06
  • SKU: SJ3-10-VP
Streamjet Fertilizer Nozzle - 1.5 gpm
USD $8.06
  • SKU: SJ3-15-VP
Streamjet Fertilizer Nozzle - 2.0 gpm
USD $8.06
  • SKU: SJ3-20-VP
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Teejet Streamjet Nozzles SJ-3.

Product Description

These Anti-Icing / De-Icing or Fertilizer nozzle spray tips are designed to accurately apply liquid at evenly spaced intervals. A metering orifice with a deflector ensures an equal flow rate in each of the liquid streams. Capable of maintaining the equal flow rate and pattern throughout a wide range of operating pressures.

The StreamJet SJ-3 Nozzles are not just for fertilizer, they are commonly used on DeIcing equipment. With the VisiFlo color coding system, matching and replacing existing nozzles is quick and fool proof.

The TeeJet StreamJet SJ3 nozzles provide three solid streams of equal velocity and capacity. Each nozzle has a removable metering orifice for easier cleaning.

Made from acetal construction for excellent chemical resistance.

Strainer Recommendations:

  • 100 Mesh Strainer for SJ3-015-VP
  • 50 Mesh Strainer for SJ3-02-VP to SJ3-06-VP

Nozzle Cap Recommendations:

  • Quick TeeJet Cap 25597
  • Quick TeeJet Cap 25598 with Gasket
  • Threaded Brass Nozzle Cap CP1325
  • Threaded Nylon Nozzle Cap CP8027-NYB

See 'Related Products' for Nozzle caps and Resources for the StreamJet SJ-3 Nozzle Capacity Chart to decide which size you require.

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