Strainer includes stainless steel screen with poly frame. Maximum pressure 200 psi.

Teejet Series AA126 In Line Strainers

3/4" Teejet 126 Series Line Strainer (16 Mesh Screen)
USD $36.04
  • SKU: AA126ML-3-16
In Line Strainer 1" Poly
USD $37.15
  • SKU: AA126ML-4-16
Teejet 126 Series Line Strainer 1-1/4" (16 Mesh)
USD $73.99
  • SKU: AA126ML-5-16
Line Strainer 1 1/2" Poly
USD $73.99
  • SKU: AA126ML-6-16
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Strainer includes stainless steel screen with poly frame. Maximum pressure 200 psi.

Product Description

This AA126 Line Strainer is the replacement for the popular AA124 Line Strainer.

The AA124 was only rated for 150 psi and had a poly head with nylon body. The AA126 head and body are constructed of glass filled polypropylene bringing the Max pressure rating up to 200PSI.

Mounted on the inlet side of the pump, this Line Strainer by Spraying Systems screens out clogging particles before they reach the pump to prevent damage that can be caused by debris and sediment to your pump, nozzles and regulator.

Your AA126 Spraying Systems line strainer will reduce the amount of nozzle clogging and save you valuable time spent clearing or rinsing clogged nozzles and lines.

Strainer includes stainless steel screen with a glass filled polypropylene frame.

Maximum pressure 200 psi.

All of our Spraying Systems line strainers are available with any screen size offered by Spraying Systems. The screen sizes are listed below.
  • On the order page there is a note section in which you can specify which size screen you wish to have in your line strainer.
  • Unspecified orders for the Spraying Systems Line Strainers will ship with the grey 16-mesh screen.
  • Mesh sizes are wire per inch measurement ergo the higher the mesh number is the finer the screen will be.
  • Grey = 16 Mesh Screen
  • Yellow = 30 Mesh Screen
  • Red = 50 Mesh Screen
  • Blue = 80 Mesh Screen
  • Green = 100 Mesh Screen
  • We advise that customers use the Grey 16-mesh screen wherever they are using a diaphragm pump.
  • Remember that for optimum screening of your product to prevent damage to your pump and clogging of guns and nozzles your filter should be rinsed frequently.


TeeJet In Line Strainer Pipe / Flange Connection Flow Rate w/ 5 PSI Pressure Drop
AA126ML-3-16 3/4" female 23 GPM (87 l/min)
AA126ML-4-16 1" female 35 GPM (132 l/min)
AA126ML-5-16 1-1/4" female 59 GPM (223 l/min)
AA126ML-6-16 1-1/2" female 77 GPM (291 l/min)

In the Resources section you will find a chart regarding these TeeJet AA126 In Line Strainers.

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