Swingtec SwingFog SN 50 High Performance Thermal Fogger

Swingtec SN 50 Swingfog w/ 6.5L SS Tank
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  • SKU: SN50
Swingtec SN 50 NA Swingfog w/ Automatic Cutoff Device
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  • SKU: SN50NA
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Product Description

Effectively apply fog to protect your property or your plants from the destruction caused by mosquitoes, insects, and many other pests with amazing results by investing in this Swingtec Swingfog SN 50 High Performance Thermal Fogger.

Powered by just four 1.5V dry cell batteries each, this thermal fog generator can be shoulder carried for portability, left stationary, or used in a mobile operation. It runs on standard grade unleaded or leaded fuel (at least 74 octane) in accordance with the Swingfire principle to process pre-mixed chemical or chemical preparations mixed with a carrier substance into a fine aerosol fog. Both the fogger spray tank and the fuel tank are made with durable stainless steel material and are started manually by means of an air pump.

How It Works: A fuel / air mixture is ignited in the combustion chamber and oscillates a gas column in the resonator with a frequency of about 90 times per second. This creates a high-velocity air stream with the fog liquid being fed at the end of the resonator tube, atomizing it into ultra-fine aerosol droplets and processing it into a slightly suspended fog. The fuel and the fog liquid are conveyed through slight overpressure in their respective tanks, which is generated in the carburettor of the device. The complete fuel combustion ends near the middle of the resonator tube. As a result, extremely clean exhaust gas is emitted.

With the exception of the diaphragms and gaskets which are made of synthetic materials, the Swingfog SN50 Thermal Fogger has no mechanical moving parts and is therefore virtually wear-free. All metal parts that come into contact with the fog liquid are made of stainless steel. The fogging mixture supply parts and the spraying tank are made from stainless steel, polyethylene, and Teflon for long lasting durability. Only use fogging substances that are compatible with and don't attack these materials.

Areas Of Application:

  • Mosquito control, pest control, parasite control, vector control, locust control
  • Plant protection in plantations and greenhouses
  • Stock protection / Storage (warehouses, silos, production plants for food, agricultural products, textiles, tobacco, etc.)
  • Disinfection in the human sector, livestock farming, and food industry
  • Production of fog for effect or training purposes (e.g. film, fire services, etc.)

NOTE: Never leave the fogger in direct sunlight or near heat sources.


  • Fogger Spray Tank Capacity: 1.7 US Gallons (6.5 L)
  • Fogger Spray Tank Material: Stainless steel
  • Fogger Spray Tank Feed Pressure: 4.35-5.1 psi (0.3-0.35 bar) depending on dosage nozzle used
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 0.37 US Gallons (1.4 L)
  • Fuel Tank Material: Stainless steel
  • Fuel Consumption: 0.52 GAL/H (2 L/H)
  • Fuel Tank Feed Pressure: 1.74-1.88 psi (0.12-0.13 bar)
  • Power: 18.7 kW / 25.4 hp (16,100 kcal/h)
  • Output (measured with water): 2.6-11.1 GAL/H (10-42 L/H) depending on the dosage nozzle used
  • Sound Level (at full power): 95 dBA
  • Electronic ignition coil system
  • Electrical energy supplied by 4 x 1.5V dry batteries each
  • Use with standard grade unleaded or leaded fuel (at least 74 octane)
  • Can be portable, mobile, or stationary (if mobile and stationary fogger must be horizontal and stable)
  • Dimensions (SN50): 48" x 11.4" x 13" (122 cm x 29 cm x 33 cm)
  • Dimensions (SN50NA): 52" x 11.4" x 13" (132 cm x 29 cm x 33 cm)
  • Empty Weight: 19 lb. (8.7 kg)
  • Made in Germany

Swingtec Swingfog SN 50 NA High Performance Thermal Fogger with Automatic Cut-Off Device:

Optional accessory for the fog liquid. All standard models of the Swingtec Swingfog Fogging Machines are either equipped with an automatic cut-off device for the fog liquid or they are optionally available with an automatic cut-off device. If the fuel tank is empty or when the machine isn't correctly operated, this safety feature acts immediately to prevent the fog liquid from running into the hot resonator / combustion chamber. Oil-based fog liquids won't ignite and there will be no contamination of the resonator and carburettor system. There are also no deposits and contamination when water-based fogging liquids are applied.

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