Agitation kit for the maintenance of even spray rate for wettable powders, Emultions and solutions

Supermix Agitator Kit

Supermix Agitator Kit
USD $350.75
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Agitation kit for the maintenance of even spray rate for wettable powders, Emultions and solutions

Product Description

Kit Includes

  • 10 feet of 3/8" High Quality 600 PSI Yellow Poly Spray Hose
  • A choice of Elbow or Staight brass swivel fitting for the 3/8" Line.
  • A choice of 1" or 3/4" hose barb for your return line
  • 1 plug to close the 1/2" port.


  • Unscrew the big black nut from the white end of the Agitator.
  • Cut a hole in the tank large enough for the white end of the Agitator to fit through (4")
  • From the inside of the tank put the white end of the Agitator through the hole so it is sticking out of the tank.
  • Make sure the rubber gasket is on the inside of the tank.
  • Screw the big black nut back onto the Agitator from the outside securing it in the tank.
  • Plumb your Agitation line to the 1/2" metal Male thread in the center.
  • Plumb your return line to the 3/4" FNPT inlet on the one side.
  • Plug the 1/2" FNPT inlet on the other side.

We Strongly recommend the use of marine grade silicone during the installation of all tank fittings. Especially where your spray material will flow though the fitting.

Emulsifiable concentrates like Pre-M 3.3 EC, Illoxan 3 EC, which are oil-soluble herbicides that contain emulsifiers, require some agitation to ensure they remain correctly mixed in your spray tank.

Wettable powders like Diazinon 50 WP are a finely ground solid. This unstable suspension requires constant vigorous agitation to remain mixed else a solid precipitate forms at the bottom of the tank.

Water dispersible liquids such as Surflan 4AS and Aatrex 4L, though designated as flowables also form a suspension when mixed with water in the spray tank. While the particles are smaller than those of wettable powders a moderate amount of continuous agitation will be required to keep the rate of application even.

Water dispersible granules such as Gallery 75DF, Pendulum 60 WDG are called dry flowables. They are dry formulations of granular dimensions. These also require a moderate level of agitation.

Solutions are a physically homogeneous mixture containing two or more substances. They are transparent and cannot be separated by mechanical means. They tend to be non-abrasive. Solutions require little agitation once mixed but sometimes they are agitated when first added to the spray tank.

Suspensions are mixtures of finely divided particles that are dispersed in a liquid. The particles retain their identity and can be physically separated from liquid. These kinds of spray materials require constant vigorous agitation.

Emulsions contain one liquid dispersed in another liquid, but each liquid maintains original identity. In normal emulsion (oil-in-water emulsion) the water is continuous phase and the oil is discontinuous phase. In invert emulsion the water is discontinuous phase and the oil is continuous phase. Emulsions also require continuous agitation throughout the spray application to ensure adequate and even distribution of the pesticide, herbicide, fertilizer or other spray material.

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