Check your nozzles accuracy and avoid costly over or under application of chemicals.

Spoton Sprayer Calibrator SC1

Spot on Sprayer Calibrator - SC1
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Check your nozzles accuracy and avoid costly over or under application of chemicals.

Product Description

Calibrate your spray tips with ease.

The hand-held SpotOn Calibrator is easy to use: just place it under a nozzle and hold it there until it registers a reading in 6 to 10 seconds. The SpotOn Calibrator uses sensors to measure the rate liquid accumulates in the tube. The digital display feature holds the reading for up to 90 seconds.

Before the SpotOn was created, the only way to check if your nozzles were producing the correct flow rate was to manually check the sprayer output yourself. But with the arrival of the Spot-On, checking nozzles for volume is now faster and easier than ever. It replaces the old method of placing graduated containers under nozzles.

Avoid costly over or under application of chemicals. Find the spray nozzle tips that need to be replaced quickly and accurately.

Its compact design has no moving parts, it is waterproof, can be operated with one hand, and shows readings in either GPM, oz/min or Liter/min.

The SpotOn Calibrator won the 2010 AE50 Award from ASABE (The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers) for newly designed, innovative products that deserve special recognition.

SC-1 is excellent for flow rates below 1 GPM and can measure a tip in 10 seconds or less. It has a waterproof design that has no moving parts, making it easy to use with a seamless one handed operation. Its clear design allows for easy cleaning and trouble shooting when a problem arrives. Can measure spray tips for herbicide and insecticide.


  • Measurement Range: 0.02 - 1.0 GPM, 0 - 128 oz/min, 0.07 - 3.79 L/min ( higher flow rates possible with reduced accuracy)
  • Accuracy: Greater of +/-2.5% or one least significant digit
  • Resolution: 0.01 GPM
  • Battery: two "N" size alkaline batteries
  • Battery Life: 2 years, meter has low battery indicator
  • 9.25" ( 23.5 cm) tall, 2.25 in (5.7 cm) diameter
  • 0.52 lbs (236 g) in weight
  • Construction: Break resistant plastic & Stainless Steel
  • Made in USA

How To Take a Measurement:

Make sure the batteries are installed in the meter. Press the START button to turn it on. The LCD will flash '000' for a moment, then shows a '_' marker to indicate the type of measurement units the meter will use when displaying readings. When the meter shows '- - -' on the LCD, it is indicating the meter is ready to take a new measurement and can be placed under a spray nozzle for testing (you will have 60 seconds to place under the nozzle). Placement of the meter under the nozzle should be fast and certain so all the flow from the nozzle is transferred quickly to the meter. As the meter is filled with water, the display will start flashing '- - -' indicating the reading is in progress. When the water reaches the upper sensor, the flashing stops and the flow rate appears on the LCD. The flow rate continues to be displayed for 90 seconds or until the START button is pressed to reset and start a new reading. Once the reading is displayed on the meter, the water can be poured out from the meter's top. Pouring out the contents will not affect the reading.

NOTE: To get the most accurate measurements, hold the meter at a slight angle to vertical. This keeps the water flowing down into the meter along the back side of the meter and prevents it from accidentally falling on and triggering the meter's sensors.

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