Quick TeeJet Nozzle Caps with Gasket good for pressure up to 300 psi.

Quick Teejet Nozzle Caps & Gaskets

TeeJet Quick CP114440 Cap with Gasket (25612)
USD $1.53
  • SKU: 114441-1-CELR
Quick Teejet Cap 25609 with Gasket
USD $1.60
  • SKU: CP25610
Quick TeeJet Cap 114442-1-CE with Gasket (25598)
USD $1.73
  • SKU: 114443-1-CELR
TeeJet Quick CP114444 Cap with Gasket (25607)
USD $1.73
  • SKU: 114445-1-CELR
Quick Teejet Cap 114395 with Gasket and O-ring
USD $1.62
  • SKU: 114396-1-NYR
Quick TeeJet Shut Off Cap
USD $2.56
  • SKU: 114447-1-CELR
Quick Teejet Cap Gasket - Standard EPDM
USD $0.83
  • SKU: CP19438-EPR
Quick Teejet Cap Gasket - Optional Viton
USD $2.55
  • SKU: CP19438-VI
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Quick TeeJet Nozzle Caps with Gasket good for pressure up to 300 psi.

Product Description

When you purchase a Quick TeeJet Cap from this page, the gasket CP19438-EPR comes with it.

Quick TeeJet nozzle caps are suitable for pressures up to 300 psi.

  • Caps are available to use with all TeeJet spray tips. The Quick TeeJet Caps do not include the spray tip or nozzle body.
  • Maximum operating pressure 300 psi.

NOTE: Part number and material change. TeeJet is beginning the process of retiring all nylon caps with an acetal (Celcon) equivalent cap by December 31, 2017. This is done to provide a greater level of consistency to customers worldwide. Nylon caps without a Celcon equivalent will remain the same. The chart below will illustrate the changeover of part numbers and material.

Old TeeJet Cap # New TeeJet Cap # For Use With Flat Spray Tips
TeeJet Flat Spray Tips (smaller capacities):
  • TP Standard 0067 thru 08
  • XP 01 thru 08
  • DG TeeJet
  • TT
  • TTJ60 Turbo TwinJet
  • AIXR TeeJet
  • OC TeeJet
  • CP25610 Same number,
    no change
    TeeJet Flat Spray Tips (larger capacities):
  • TP Standard 10 thru 20
  • XR 10 thru 15
  • CP25598
  • TJ60 TwinJet
  • AI TeeJet
  • AIUB TeeJet
  • SJ-3 StreamJet
  • DG TwinJet
  • Turbo TeeJet Induction
  • AITTJ60 Turbo TwinJet
  • CP25608-1-NYR
  • TK FloodJet
  • FL FullJet
  • TX / TXA ConeJet
  • TG Full Cone
  • Hose Shank
  • AITXA ConeJet
  • CP25600 Same number,
    no change
  • Turbo FloodJet
  • TK-VS FloodJet
  • TK-VP FloodJet
  • 114396-1-NYR Same number,
    no change
  • TXR ConeJet
  • The 19843-NYR Nylon Shut Off Cap with gasket has been changed to the 114447-1-CELR Celcon Cap and Gasket. It provides a shutoff at the nozzle for quick spacing change or change in spray swath.

    When you order a cap from this page the gasket comes with it. You also have the option of purchasing the gaskets separately if required.

    CP19438-EPR: EPDM standard Seat Gasket
    CP19438-VI: Viton Seat Gasket

    The caps are available separate, for more choices of caps see Related Products.

    Caps are available in black, white, red, blue, green, yellow, brown, orange, and violet. Unless you indicate a specific color of cap, we always ship black caps. If you want a different color just put that in the notes section of the check out process. This may add some delay to shipping your order as we usually only stock black caps at Rittenhouse Sprayers.

    For information on these Quick TeeJet Caps with Gasket, check the Resources section for the Compatibility Chart and the changeover chart.

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