A plant dolly / pot truck for transporting heavy potted plants and containers up to 250 lb. around the home and garden.

PotWheelz Plant Dolly / Pot Truck with Fold Down Handle - Small Model

Small PotWheelz with Fold Down Handle
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A plant dolly / pot truck for transporting heavy potted plants and containers up to 250 lb. around the home and garden.

Product Description

Move heavy potted plants and containers around your home and garden all season long without having to lift them yourself with the PotWheelz Plant Dolly Small Red Model.

Designed to support a load capacity up to 250 lb. for pots up to 17.5" in diameter, the Small Red PotWheelz Pot Dolly allows you to safely and easily transport all kinds of pots and other large, heavy items with no lifting involved on your part. This saves your back from the strain of lifting yourself, while reducing the risk of injury to yourself and damage to pots and plants.

Lightweight and ergonomically designed, the PotWheelz provides the perfect balance while moving or stopping. The innovative wheel design enables easy maneuvering of potted plants around corners, over thresholds, and in tight spaces so you can move them to the perfect location. A wide, oval base allows you to easily move a variety of types and sizes of pots.

A popular time and labor-saving tool for use around the home and garden, the PotWheelz is intended for use all year long by homeowners, nursery operators, commercial landscapers, property managers, lawn and garden professionals, and more. Moving outdoor potted plants to new locations when temperatures shift is vital to your plant's survival. Weather will dictate whether your plants should remain indoors or outdoors. When winter arrives, you want to bring your potted plants indoors to avoid freezing temperatures. In spring and fall, you may want to relocate your potted plant to another location where it will receive the right amount of sunlight to grow. In summer when the temperature is quite hot, you might want to move the plant to avoid hot spots and drying out in the sunshine.

Simple to use: Flip the front of the base down next to the pot and slide the potted plant onto the base. Tilt the Potwheelz backwards until the plant and pot are perfectly balanced. The unique design of the Potwheelz allows tilted pots to rest in the cradle in a balanced position, even while being moved. Then push the Potwheelz to a new location and tilt the Potwheelz upright, sliding the pot off the base.


  • Small version
  • Red color
  • Load Capacity: 250 lb.
  • For moving pots up to 17.5" in diameter
  • Powder coated finish for corrosion and rust resistance
  • Sturdy solid welded metal construction built to last
  • Wheel Size: 10" x 3" load wheels, 4" x 2" swivel wheels
  • With removable handle for transport and storage
  • Dimensions: 22" diameter x 24.5" W x 36.5" H (handle up), 17.5" H (handle folded)
  • Weight: 36 lb.

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