The ROOF RAZOR is an easy, effective, unique and the best tool for the removal of snow from roofs.

Minnsnowta Snow Roof Rake

Dynamo Roof Razor
USD $225.59
Minnsnowta Apollo Complete - Solar Panel Sweeper
USD $221.84
Minnsnowta 6ft Ext. Pole
USD $37.75
Minnsnowta Metal Roof Wheel Kit
USD $24.55
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The ROOF RAZOR is an easy, effective, unique and the best tool for the removal of snow from roofs.

Product Description

The MinnSNOWta Dynamo Roof Razor is an industrial-quality tool designed for removing snow from roofs.

This snow roof rake is simple to use: Just push the razor head upward into the snow and watch the snow slide down the chute. Gravity will do all the work.

Ergonomically Designed: No lifting, chopping or pulling. Just grab the pole and push.

Designed, built and tested in Minnesota by people who know cold and snow. These snow cleaning / snow removal systems are designed for simple and effective use and long lasting durability.

  • The Dynamo Roof Razor head is constructed of 3/16" aluminum flat stock and it is 24" wide and 7" high.
  • Light, easily manageable.
  • Heavy enough to stay securely on the roof.
  • Solid enough to cut through heavy, wet or densely drifted snow.
  • The strong, lightweight aluminum handle system consists of four 6' snap-connected sections.
  • Includes a 10' long slide chute that attaches with bungee cord to the third handle section.
  • Overall assembled length is 24'.
  • Weight: 13 lbs.
  • The Metal Wheel Kit for metal roofs is available.

Minnsnowta Apollo Solar Panel Snow Sweeper removes snow from solar panels while you stand safely on the ground. It minimizes the snow load weight on solar panels and is beneficial to use because additional weight on solar panels can cause problems. The snow collected during a snowstorm adds weight load on solar panels and can weaken supporting structures of the building. Snow accumulation isn't the only issue. Ice damns can develop under panels. Temperature shifts can cause snow to melt, then freeze up, causing ice buildup under the panels. This can dislodge the panels, bend the racking, and possibly loosen the mounts. Water can seep through the fasteners from the mounting system, resulting in expensive damage to roofs or rooms under it. If snow cover is left on solar panels, it can leave your solar installation system not working for days. When snow accumulates on your solar panel, you need to protect your investment and maintain the structural integrity of the roof by using the Minnsnowta Apollo Solar Panel Snow Sweeper this winter season.

  • Sweeper head made of high density polyethylene, reinforced with high grade aluminum
  • Only the Sweeper head touches the solar panel surface
  • Do not use as a chisel
  • Do not use The Apollo on metal roofs or shingle roofs

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