Kochek Irrigation and Firefighting Nozzles are made in the USA.

Kochek Irrigation and Firefighting Nozzles

Kochek 1 In NPSH Nozzle 10-24GPM
USD $198.44
  • SKU: NZ009
Kochek 3/4"GHT Nozzle 10-24 gpm
USD $205.37
  • SKU: NZ016
1" Nozzle 35 gpm NZ010
USD $198.44
  • SKU: NZ010
Kochek 3/4"GHT Nozzle 35 gpm
USD $205.37
  • SKU: NZ017
1" NPSH Nozzle Multi-Mist 35 gpm
USD $305.42
  • SKU: NZ028
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Kochek Irrigation and Firefighting Nozzles are made in the USA.

Product Description

Kochek Dual Gallonage Flow Rate JUMP Nozzles - NZ009 and NZ016

These Kochek Dual Flow Rate JUMP Nozzles provide a straight narrow stream and fog at 10 gpm before "jumping" to increase volume to 24 gpm at optimum flow. While maintaining reduced flow with high pressure ratings, this nozzle creates a misting fog perfect for cooling turf and syringing in light and frequent applications. Great for equipment and stadium washdown at the 10 gpm setting, the NZ009 and NZ016 Kochek nozzles provide a fine, high velocity stream.

These nozzles were tested at low pressures of 30, 50, and 70 psi. They outperformed all other comparable nozzles in spray width, height, and pattern consistency.

These hose end nozzles are all made of high-quality aluminum, stainless steel, and rubber components. Reliable, durable, and versatile to meet all your water distribution applications. With various inlet thread sizes and various flow rates, there is an irrigation nozzle to suit your hand watering needs.

Perfect for firefighting, turf watering, in-fields, golf courses, and other high volume watering applications, such as equipment washing and stadium washdown.

Model Inlet Flow Rate
NZ009 1" NPSH 10-24 gpm
NZ016 3/4" GHT 10-24 gpm

Kochek Constant Flow Nozzles - NZ010 and NZ017

Kochek's Constant Flow Nozzles, models NZ010 and NZ017, are perfect for hand watering applications, such as heavy watering, syringing, equipment washdown, infield conditioning, and stadium washdown.

They generate a wide fog and straight stream pattern at an optimum flow rate of 35 gpm.

These hose end nozzles are made of the highest quality aluminum, stainless steel, and rubber components that are powder coated to provide reliability, durability, and versatility.

Model Inlet Flow Rate
NZ010 1" NPSH 35 gpm
NZ017 3/4" GHT 35 gpm

Kochek Multi-Mist Nozzle - NZ028

This irrigation / firefighting nozzle has 4 adjustable gallonage tips (15 gpm, 25 gpm, 35 gpm, 55 gpm) included so precise and accurate spray patterns can be applied. Perfect for light syringing or dampening infields, simply attach the desired spray tip to achieve your optimum spray pattern and flow.

This handled hose end nozzle ranges from 15-55 gpm. The droplet size and flow can be set to suit any application. Made in the USA of heavy-duty aluminum to give the nozzle a truly ergonomic feel and comfort.

Model Inlet Flow Rate
NZ028 1" NPSH 15-55 gpm
NPSH will thread and seal onto either NPSH, GHT or NPT connections.

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