Hypro 5300 Series Small Twin Piston Pumps.

Hypro Piston Pump 5320

Hypro Piston Pump 5320 (Solid, Rubber)
USD $387.75
  • SKU: 5320C-RX
Hypro Piston Pump 5320 (Solid, TeflonĀ®)
USD $406.33
  • SKU: 5320C-CX
Hypro Piston Pump 5320 (Hollow, Rubber)
USD $387.75
  • SKU: 5320C-HRX
  • Buy 5 for USD $348.98 each and save 10%
Hypro Piston Pump 5320 (Hollow, TeflonĀ®)
USD $406.33
  • SKU: 5320C-CHX
  • Buy 5 for USD $365.70 each and save 10%
TeeJet 6815 Regulator - 1/2" - 700 PSI
USD $106.24
  • SKU: 6815-1/2-HSS-700
  • Buy 2 for USD $101.03 each and save 4.9%
  • Buy 3 for USD $95.63 each and save 9.99%
  • Buy 7 for USD $90.84 each and save 14.5%
600 psi Gauge
USD $19.64
  • SKU: GG 600
  • Buy 5 for USD $17.70 each and save 9.9%
  • Buy 11 for USD $15.73 each and save 19.9%
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Hypro 5300 Series Small Twin Piston Pumps.

Product Description

Hypro 5300 Series Small Twin piston pumps.

Cast iron pumps with torque arm, 5/8" ID hollow shaft or 5/8" OD solid shaft, 1/2" NPT ports, 140° F maximum temperature.

Hypro 5320 Piston Pumps have a low flow rate, and are medium pressure, positive displacement pumps.

These pumps are used for a variety of spraying and pressure cleaning applications, as well as hydrostatic testing.

These heavy-duty pumps are ideal for fluid handling of water and non abrasive or general use chemicals. All pumps are constructed from cast iron materials. They feature stainless steel valves and ball bearings, leather or fabric-reinforced Buna-N or straight Buna-N cups.

You can choose from a variety of drive systems to include: belt and pulley, 540 rpm PTO, gasoline engine or electric motor. Hypro offers a number of outputs and pressures up to a maximum of 10 gpm and 1000 psi, with fluid temperatures of 140° F.

  • Max. Flow: 2.2 gpm
  • Max. Pressure: 500 psi
  • Max. Rated Speed: 1800 rpm
  • Max. Fluid Temperature: 140° F
  • Shaft size 5/8" solid or hollow.
  • 1/2" inlet and outlet ports.
  • Also known as the BT106.
  • Bi-rotational pump shaft rotation.
  • Non abrasive and general-use chemical compatibility.
  • Compact, lightweight and easy to install.
  • Replaceable leather cups for insecticides, herbicides and aromatic solvents.
  • Replaceable Buna-N and fabric-reinforced Buna-N cups for water, soap and detergent solutions.
  • Self priming operation (priming pumps).
  • Weight: 10 lb
  • See Related Products for repair kits associated with these 5320 piston pumps.
We recommend the use of the 6815 Brass Relief Valve with this pump.
In all machines with moving parts, some frictional wear is inevitable. This is no exception with the high-quality pumps manufactured by Hypro, especially under heavy use by professionals. Therefore, we recommend purchasing a repair kit for this pump at the same time you purchase the pump so that you have it on hand when (and if) you need it.

Review the files located in the Resources section for more information on these 5320 Small Twin Piston Pumps by Hypro.

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