Hypro D30/Honda Assembly: Includes AR1636 Gearbox, 9910-GS40GI Pressure Relief Valve and a genuine Honda GX160 engine.

Hypro D30 & Honda GX 160 Engine Assembly

Hypro D30 Pump / Honda Engine Assembly
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  • SKU: D30-5.5HP
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Hypro D30 Pump / Honda Engine Assembly w/ Electric Start
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Mounting Plate for Pump-Motor Combos
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Hypro D30/Honda Assembly: Includes AR1636 Gearbox, 9910-GS40GI Pressure Relief Valve and a genuine Honda GX160 engine.

Product Description

The 9910 Series Diaphragm Pumps by Hypro have been discontinued and only remaining quantities will ship.

Complete pump/motor/gearbox/regulator combo, expertly assembled by our mechanics and ready to drop into place on your spray rig. This package includes a Hypro D30 Diaphragm Pump, a genuine Honda gas engine GX160 with your choice of a recoil start or electric start (see note below regarding horse power), the AR1636 Gearbox to attach the pump to the motor, and a GS40GI Hypro Regulator / Pressure Relief Valve. We have included the cost of assembly in the cost of this item.

This is intended for our professional customers who prefer not to construct, or are unable to construct, a pump motor assembly on their own. When shipped, we detach the regulator so that it is not damaged in shipping. But the pump/engine and gearbox are completely assembled. Just bolt down the Honda engine, attach the relief valve (Hypro 9910-GS40GI), attach your hoses and you are ready to spray. The regulator has two pressure outlets and one return line (to the tank). You can operate two spray guns with this assembly, or use one pressure line to agitate the tank.

We are now offering two versions of the Hypro D30 and Honda GX160 Engine Assembly, one with a recoil start and the other with an electric start. The big difference between the two is that the electric start version helps reduce shoulder strain on the user because they don't have to yank back on the cord, which can be an issue in the cold winter months. Make sure when you are using the Hypro D30 and Honda GX160 Gas Engine with Electric Start Assembly that you attach it to a battery and be sure to follow the instructions in the manual.

In all machines with moving parts, some frictional wear is inevitable. This is no exception with the high-quality pumps manufactured by Hypro, especially under heavy use by professionals. Therefore, we recommend purchasing a repair kit for this pump at the same time you purchase the pump so that you have it on hand when (and if) you need it.

The Optional Mounting Plate is an accessory for the pump-motor combos and includes bolts that allow you to attach your pump-motor combo to a trailer bed or spray rig.


  • Max. Flow: 8.5 gpm
  • Max. Pressure: 550 psi
  • Max. Rated Speed: 3600 rpm
  • 1" HB inlet, 1/2" HB outlet.
  • Duplex diaphragm pump.
  • GX160 genuine Honda gas engine, available with recoil start or electric start.
  • 4 bolt holes required.
  • Includes 9910-GS40GI Pressure Relief Valve with gauge and AR1636 Gearbox.
  • Weight: 65 lb
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We do not attach the regulator because it may get damaged in shipping. Also, we do not put oil in the engine, otherwise this item is assembled.

The GX 160 gas engine from Honda used to be rated as 5.5 hp. Honda has recently re-rated this engine as 4.9 hp. It is the exact same engine and we have no idea why Honda has changed the horse power rating. It is likely because the horse power output depends on environmental conditions, fuel, torque, etc. We are sorry for any confusion.

Please review the files in the Resources section if you require more specifications regarding the Hypro D30 Diaphragm Pump or the Honda GX160 gas engine.

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