A two diaphragm pump with polypropylene heads and manifolds, perfect for spraying with a variety of agricultural chemicals.

Hypro 9915-DP302 Medium Pressure Polypropylene Diaphragm Pump

Pentair Hypro Diaphragm DP302 Pump
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A two diaphragm pump with polypropylene heads and manifolds, perfect for spraying with a variety of agricultural chemicals.

Product Description

A premier choice for lawn care, pest control, and landscaping companies around the world, this Hypro 9915-DP302 Polypropylene Diaphragm Pump provides superlative performance when handling a range of general agricultural chemicals in spraying applications up to 290 psi.

The heads and manifolds are made with polypropylene material for excellent corrosion resistance against many common agricultural chemicals, as well as some harsh, aggressive chemicals. Some of these include herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, liquid fertilizers, wettable powders, and other hard-to-handle fluids.

This high performance and extremely-versatile two diaphragm pump is designed with multiple pistons that produce lots of pressure, ensuring complete and efficient coverage of all your spraying needs is met. Pressure and output are designed for optimum performance on small to medium-sized sprayers. The low-cost maintenance and almost wear-free operation make these diaphragm pumps ideal for a wide range of spraying jobs, including agricultural spraying, crop spraying, lawn/turf spraying, weed / pest control, as well as metering applications for fertigation and acid descaling. Also can be used as a hydrostatic test pump.


  • Max. Flow Rate: 7.1 gpm (27 lpm)
  • Max. Pressure: 290 psi (20 bar)
  • Max. Pump Speed: 650 RPM
  • Max. Fluid Temperature: 140° F (60° C)
  • Ports: 1" (25 mm) inlet, 1/2" (13 mm) outlet
  • Shaft: Three bolt flange
  • Power: 1.6 HP
  • Crankcase Oil Capacity: 24 oz. (0.7 L)
  • Pump Shaft Rotation: CW and CCW
  • Two Duramax diaphragms
  • Polypropylene heads and manifolds
  • Aluminum case
  • Crown-shaped pistons conform to the diaphragm at pressure stroke
  • 316 stainless steel spherical check valves
  • Less piston stroke for longer diaphragm life
  • Includes mounting base
  • Weight: 12.3 lb. (5.6 kg)

Recommended Control Unit: Hypro 9915-KIT1008.

Recommended Gearbox: Hypro 9915-KIT1101 for gas engines with 3/4" shafts.

Recommended Repair Kits: Hypro 9915-KIT2001 Diaphragm Repair Kit, 9915-KIT2101 Valve Repair Kit, 9915-KIT2201 O-Ring Repair Kit.

Recommended Drive Options: Hypro 9915-KIT1201 for 3/4" Shaft Kit, 9915-KIT1202 for 1" Shaft Kit with keyway, 9915-KIT1203 for 1 3/8" Male Splined Shaft Kit.

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