Hypro / Lurmark spray tip, even spray 65 degree with 1/4" MNPT thread.

Hypro 65° Spray Tips with Thread - 90A2CM

Lurmark 1/4 65° Orange 02
USD $3.67
  • SKU: 90A2CM02E65
Lurmark 1/4npt 03E65
USD $3.67
  • SKU: 90A2CM03E65
Lurmark 1/4npt 05E65 - LIMITED STOCK
USD $3.67
  • SKU: 90A2CM05E65
Lurmark 1/4npt 06E65
USD $3.67
  • SKU: 90A2CM06E65
Lurmark 1/4npt 08E65 - LIMITED STOCK
USD $3.67
  • SKU: 90A2CM08E65
Lurmark 1/4" NPT 10E65
USD $3.67
  • SKU: 90A2CM10E65
Lurmark 1/4npt 15E65
USD $3.67
  • SKU: 90A2CM15E65
Lurmark Nozzle 20E65 w/ Thread
USD $3.67
  • SKU: 90A2CM20E65
Lurmark Even 30E65 1/4" Thread
USD $3.67
  • SKU: 90A2CM30E65
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Hypro / Lurmark spray tip, even spray 65 degree with 1/4" MNPT thread.

Product Description

Hypro 90A2CM Series Even Flat Fan Nozzles are available in a wide variety of sizes and outputs. Also known as Lurmark Even Flat Fan Nozzles and Fanjet - Even Flat Fan PVDF Nozzle

These nozzles have a 65 degree pattern, the output is indicated by the numbers just in front of the "E" in the part number. (i.e. 90A2CM20E65 would mean 2.0 gallons per minute at 40 psi and the 90A2CM04E65 would be a 0.4 gpm spray tip).

These nozzles are no longer color coded and now come in a grey color. The remaining color-coded nozzles that are in stock will be shipped first, and once they run out, only the new grey versions will be available.

The thread is 1/4" male national pipe thread. If you measure the outside of the thread, it will appear to be just under 1/2". If you want a better explanation of National Pipe Thread, I would recommend Wikipedia.org as a source of an accurate information. You can screw these spray tips directly into a pipe. Many car washes uses these nozzles and you will find them in many industrial applications.

This nozzle is very common for industrial or commercial uses. Found in many car washes for example.

  • Spray Angle: 65 degrees
  • Made with polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) polymer
  • Pressures up to 500 PSI
  • 1/4" male NPT thread

Please check the Resources section for a capacity chart pertaining to these Hypro 65 degree spray tips.

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