ULV Electric Fogger: This atomizer throws material up to 15' in 10-46 micron droplets. Kill Mosquitoes!

Hudson Atomist Electric Fogger - ULV

Hudson Atomist w/ Hose
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ULV Electric Fogger: This atomizer throws material up to 15' in 10-46 micron droplets. Kill Mosquitoes!

Product Description

Due to the high demand, we are currently out of stock. We will ship as soon as possible. We apologize for the delay. PM7650H The Makita Mist Blower is available at this moment,

Utilizing a powerful, industrial-type electric motor, this Ultra Low Volume (ULV) Electric Fogger by Hudson (99598) produces droplets that are sized between 10-46 microns.These small droplets stay in the air longer for more effective coverage (larger droplets have will quickly fall to the ground without adhering to their intended target surface).

This electric fogger features a shatter and corrosion-proof 2 gallon tank, heavy-duty frame and handle, removable carrying strap and a flexible directional hose. The intake also has a filter to ensure that any foreign particles are refused entry into the unit.

Since this electric fogger produces smaller droplet sizes and has the ability to spray material up to 15 feet, it is perfect for use with insecticides. Use with wettable powders, diluted sprays or full concentrates. In addition to insecticides, the complete surface area coverage that is achieved with this fogger makes it an ideal choice for use with moldicides as well. Also, use with sanitizing agents for smoke odor control or for antibacterials.

This fogger is also a very economical choice due to the fact that a small amount of material can be used to cover a large area.


  • Includes large commercial coiled hose for directing chemical mist.
  • Adjustable output of 1.5 to 14 gallons per hour.
  • Capacity: 7.57 L, 1.7 imp. gal., 2 US gal. polyethylene tank.
  • Sprays up to an hour and a half with one filling of the tank.
  • 15' range.
  • Outputs 10 -46 microns particle size - average droplet 20 micron.
  • Corrosion resistant poly tank (translucent for viewing liquid level), lightweight.
  • Operates on 110 VAC.
  • Includes carrying strap.
  • For portable use.
  • 90 day manufacturer's warranty

Kill Mosquitoes

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