Heavy Duty Compost Thermometer suitable for monitoring interior temperatures of compost piles, compost windrows and soil.

Heavy Duty Compost Thermometer

Heavy Duty Compost Thermometer
USD $214.47
  • SKU: A36PF
Probe Handle for HD Thermometer
USD $49.67
  • SKU: FM-0
Thermometer Probe Handle - Stainless Steel
USD $56.77
  • SKU: FM-0S
Probe Guard for HD Thermometer
USD $269.17
  • SKU: FM36-16
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Heavy Duty Compost Thermometer suitable for monitoring interior temperatures of compost piles, compost windrows and soil.

Product Description

This Compost Thermometer is ideally suited for monitoring interior temperatures of compost piles, compost windrows, and soil. The clear-faced dial is easy-to-read. The pointer is directly driven by the sensitive bi-metal helix in the bottom of the stem. This gives you an accurate reading every time. Used by composters, IPM managers, waste disposal technicians, recyclers, mushroom growers, and home owners. Maintaining an optimal temperature in your compost pile is an important factor in the successful breakdown of the organic material. Monitoring the temperature of your compost pile will tell you when it is time to turn the pile. It is time to turn the pile as the core temperature of the pile drops down to about 90° F. The Heavy-Duty Compost Thermometer features a 36" long 5/16" diameter stem, all stainless steel construction and a hermetically sealed casing.

In addition to compost, this thermometer can also serve for other temperature taking applications, such as soil. Most cool season northern grass seed will not germinate at a soil temperature below 55 degrees F. Most fertilizers are also not effective until the soil has reached this temperature. Hence the application of fertilizers before this soil temperature is achieved can contribute to water pollution through storm water run off onto roads, sewers, streams and lakes.

Compost Thermometer Features

  • Rugged all-stainless steel construction.
  • Stainless Steel 5/16" diameter stem.
  • Hermetically-sealed: will not fog.
  • Unbreakable plastic crystal.
  • Pointed stem for easy insertion.
  • Easy-to-read 3" diameter dial.
  • Very accurate (+1% of scale).
  • Measures in Fahrenheit only.

Like all instruments, the Heavy Duty Compost Thermometer should not be dropped or left in the compost or soil for extended lengths of time.

Thermometer Probe Handle FM-0

The Probe Handle is designed to protect the thermometer's instrumentation. Continually pushing the thermometer by the gauge into the soil or compost causes strain as well as wear and tear on the long thin probe of the thermometer. The probe handle will help to reduce this strain. Fits Heavy Duty Thermometer only.

Thermometer Probe Handle FM-0S

The FM-0S Probe Handle is the same as the FM-0 Handle above only it is made with strong stainless steel material.

Thermometer Probe Guard FM36-16

The Probe Guard is for the most rugged compost users. The Probe Guard shields the stem of the Heavy-Duty Compost Thermometer from large debris. These obstructions may cause the Heavy Duty Thermometer to bend or break while being inserted into your compost pile. The probe guard also provides a handle for you to hold onto while inserting the probe into the compost pile.

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