A power-rewind hose makes reeling easier and increases productivity.

Hannay 22" 12 V Power Rewind Hose Reels

Hannay 22" 12V Spray Hose Reel - LT
USD $887.19
  • SKU: E1530-17-18LT
Hannay 22" 12V High Flow Hose Reel - RT
USD $1,066.33
  • SKU: E1830-17-18
Power Reel Control Box Option(New Reel)
USD $236.90
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A power-rewind hose makes reeling easier and increases productivity.

Product Description

A power-rewind hose reel makes light work out of pulling heavy hose. Choose the 12-Volt battery-operated reel that suits your spraying or watering application.

Hannay 12-Volt DC Electric Rewind Hose Reel Models are available:

  • E1530-17-18LT Sprayer Hose Reel, 22" Drum with 1/2" ID Fluid path.
  • E1830-17-18RT High Flow Watering Reel, 22" Drum with 3/4" ID Fluid Path

The E1530-17-18LT Model with the 22" drum length. Standard spray hose reel has 90° ball bearing swivel joint 1/2" FNPT inlet threads, 1/2" FNPT outlet threads, and 1/2" ID internal piping for your sprayer fluid path. It can hold up to:

  • 500' of 3/8" ID hose.
  • 375' of 1/2" ID hose.
  • 275' of 5/8" ID hose.

The E1830-17-18RT High Flow Watering Reel has 22" drum length, 90° ball bearing swivel joint 1" FNPT inlet threads, 3/4" FNPT outlet threads, and 3/4" ID internal piping for your watering fluid path. This allows for the larger volume required in watering, drenching applications and high height tree spraying. It can hold up to:

  • 250' of 5/8" ID hose.
  • 150' of 3/4" ID hose.

Common Reel Features

  • Full support steel A-frame base.
  • Chain driven: Heavy #35 chain.
  • 12 V DC motor.
  • Pushbutton switch.
  • Solenoid.
  • 40 A circuit breaker.
  • Drum revolves in heavy-duty ball bearings for ease of winding.
  • Includes heavy-duty, repairable, hose reel swivels (Super Swivel®).
  • 1500 Series Inlet and Outlet: 90° ball bearing swivel joint, 1/2" FNPT inlet threads ; 1/2" FNPT outlet threads.
  • 1800 Series Inlet and Outlet: 90° ball bearing swivel joint, 1" FNPT inlet threads ; 3/4" FNPT outlet threads.
  • 1500 Series: max. 3000 psi, max. 400° F (204° C)
  • 1800 Series: max. 2000 psi, max. 250° F (121° C)
  • White in color.
  • Shipping weight 85 lb.
The High Flow version of this reel has a 3/4" inside passage. A 3/4" inside diameter pipe inside is important if you are using this reel for watering applications or if you are doing high-height tree spraying. If you are just doing turf spraying, or any other lower flow application, the normal reel with the 1/2" inside diameter pipe will work just fine.

Hannay Professional hose reels are very common in the turf care and greenhouse industries.

Control Box Option Features

  • Push button switch in a water resistant enclosure.
  • Enclosure has two 1/4" mounting studs.
  • 20' harness with 40 A circuit breaker and ring terminals for battery.
The price of the Power Reel Control Box Option is only applicable if a new reel is ordered at the same time.

Click here for the control box wiring diagram.

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