Equipment & Parts

  1. Caps Galvanized
    Galvanized cap.
    Caps Galvanized
  2. Cap Brass
    Solid Brass Pipe Cap available in multiple sizes.
    Cap Brass
  3. Camlock Part F
    Camlock Part F: male thread by connector.
    Camlock Part F
  4. Camlock Part E
    Camlock Part E:  glass reinforced polypropylene hose barb by connector--Available in a range of sizes.
    Camlock Part E
  5. Camlock Part DP
    Camlock DP Plug.
    Camlock Part DP
  6. Camlock Part DC
    Camlock glass reinforced polypropylene cap - part DC.
    Camlock Part DC
  7. Camlock Part D
    Camlock Part D Coupler.
    Camlock Part D
  8. Camlock Part C
    Camlock Part C:  glass reinforced polypropylene hose barb by female coupler.
    Camlock Part C
  9. Camlock Part B
    Camlock Part B -  Male NPT Thread by Female Cam Connector.
    Camlock Part B
  10. Camlock Part A
    Camlock Part A:  female thread by connector.
    Camlock Part A
  11. Cam Couplers 90°
    Polypropylene 90 Degree Cam Coupler.
    Cam Couplers 90°
  12. Cables for Exmark Mowers
    290-795 Throttle Control Cable.
    Cables for Exmark Mowers
  13. Bushing - Brass
    Solid Brass Bushing: Available in different sizes.
    Bushing - Brass
  14. Bulkhead Assembly
    Threaded on the inside and outside. Tank accessory.
    Bulkhead Assembly
  15. Brass Hose Barb Fittings
    Brass Hose Barb 1/2" straight, also available in 3/8".
    Brass Hose Barb Fittings
  16. Brass Apollo Ball Valves
    Brass Ball Valves by Apollo.
    Brass Apollo Ball Valves
  17. Blade Lock
    Blade Lock.
    Blade Lock
  18. Blade Blockers
    Rider Blade Blocker (# 051-241).
    Blade Blockers
  19. Blade Accessories for Murray Mowers
    405-399 Blade Adapter.
    Blade Accessories for Murray Mowers
  20. Belts for Yazoo/Kees Mowers
    Belt types.
    Belts for Yazoo/Kees Mowers
  21. Belts for Walker Mowers
    We can ship directly several different kinds of belts for Walker Mowers right to your door!
    Belts for Walker Mowers
  22. Belts for Simplicity Mowers
    Belts for Simplicity Mowers.
    Belts for Simplicity Mowers
  23. Belts for Lesco Mowers
    Stens OEM Replacement Belts for Lesco mowers.
    Belts for Lesco Mowers