Childrens Garden Tools: Durable steel tools made for kids. Mix and match rakes, hoes, shovel and broom.

Childrens Garden Tools

Children's 3 Tine Cultivator
USD $14.77
  • SKU: RP40170
Children's Broom
USD $14.77
  • SKU: RP40180
Children's Point Shovel - LIMITED STOCK
USD $14.77
  • SKU: RP40160
Children's Hoe
USD $14.77
  • SKU: RP40150
Children's Spade
USD $14.77
  • SKU: RP40130
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Childrens Garden Tools: Durable steel tools made for kids. Mix and match rakes, hoes, shovel and broom.

Product Description

Capture a child's imagination now with these Children's Garden Tools. An afternoon of playing in the dirt may grow into a lifelong hobby.

Available Children's Tools

Numbers refer to image (above).

  • 2) 3-Tine Cultivator RP40170
  • 3) Broom RP40180
  • 4) Fox Point Shovel RP40160
  • 5) Hoe RP40150
  • 6) Soil Rake RP40140
  • 7) Spade RP40130

Common Features

  • Enameled metal heads.
  • Solid hardwood handles approx. 28" long.
  • Brightly colored heads for easy identification.

Involve your children in your favorite pastime with these children's garden tools. These tools are proportionally smaller and lighter than their adult-sized counterparts, making them much easier to control with smaller fingers. However, unlike flimsy plastic tools, these durable garden tools feature enameled steel heads and solid hardwood handles, allowing your children to do real gardening with them.

Providing your children or grandchildren with their own garden tools has many benefits that go well beyond getting them off of the couch and outside into the fresh air.

As children begin caring for their own plants, they will learn to empathize with other living things more easily. In addition, the constant care a garden requires to thrive will foster reliability in your child and will help them become more responsible as they strive to improve the quality of their plants.

When flowers begin to bloom, and vegetables begin to grow, children will begin to feel a sense of accomplishment in their work. The fun you have started in the garden with these children's garden tools doesn't have to stop when you reach the back door, remember to share in the fun of the harvest, it might be a great way to get your kids to eat their veggies!

Not to outstrip the other benefits of allowing your kids to garden with you, the sense of calm derived from working in the soil and patiently watching plants mature can be a wonderfully therapeutic experience without even knowing it. Your child's temperament may change for the better!

Finally, children accrue useful information about lawn and garden care that will benefit them when they are grown-up homeowners: A practical benefit of gardening with budding enthusiasts is that they will be introduced to botany, agriculture, arboriculture, and other biological sciences. It all starts with a spade, a hoe, and your watchful eyes.

You might find yourself using these tools as much as your kids. These implements fit into tight spaces difficult to squeeze your full-sized tools into. Moreover, they are lighter, making them easier to use for the elderly or those suffering from handicaps related to decreased mobility and strength.