Left and Right 5000 or 6250 Boominator Nozzles.

Boominator - Regular Pattern - Large Volumes

Boominator 5000 Left
USD $195.94
  • SKU: 5000L
Boominator 5000 Right
USD $195.94
  • SKU: 5000R
Boominator 6250 Left
USD $203.95
  • SKU: 6250L
Boominator 6250 Right
USD $324.89
  • SKU: 6250R
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Left and Right 5000 or 6250 Boominator Nozzles.

Product Description

Large volume regular pattern Boominator spray nozzles. Eliminate the need for expensive and cumbersome spray booms.

All Regular Pattern Spray Nozzles were tested at a 36" height. The recommended operating height for these nozzles is between 18" and 48".

Boominator Regular Pattern Spray Nozzles are designed for left hand or right hand mounting. They provide approximately 15 degree kickback under the nozzle. When using the left hand and right hand nozzles together adjust the nozzles to allow for enough kickback so the spray patterns overlap to prevent streaking. Nozzles can be rotated to adjust distance of spray pattern outward or amount of kickback under the nozzle.

  • Made in the USA
  • CNC machined from high grade stainless steel
  • Improved spray pattern and distribution as a result of its multi-patented round covered orifice design
  • Anti-drift nozzles
  • Even, large droplet pattern provides minimal drift and improved penetration
  • Perfect for spraying around obstacles and over uneven terrain
  • Chemical resistant and superior wear


  • Lawn, turf, nurseries
  • Ride on sprayers
  • ATV sprayers, tow-behind sprayers
  • Roadside and highway spraying
  • Firefighting grass fires
  • Forestry
  • Road, bridge, sidewalk, runway, parking lot de-icing
  • Fence line and right-of-way spraying
  • Aquatic weed and pest control

For more information on these Large Volume Regular Pattern Boominator Nozzles, please review the Capacity Chart located in the Resources section.

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