Blumat Tropf Fully Automatic Watering System

Tropf Blumat Patio & Balcony Set
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Product Description

Relieve yourself of the daily task of watering houseplants and flowers with the Blumat Tropf Fully Automatic Watering System.

With no power, no computer, or no difficult programming to operate, this automatic watering system is suitable for watering all plants, including vegetables, flowers, and shrubs. It can be utilized on balcony flower boxes, raised beds, greenhouse plants, and more.

Each kit includes 12 x Tropf Blumat probes, which serve as both a sensor and a dripper, reacting to soil moisture content. If the soil becomes dry, pressure goes down in the Tropf, causing a valve to open and watering to begin. When the soil becomes moist again, the release of water is stopped automatically.

Each Blumat Tropf functions without the need for a timer and reacts completely independently. This means plants are watered individually according to whether or not they are thirsty and need the water, helping to reduce water consumption. At least one Tropf Blumat is installed in each plant or container and then attached to the shared feeding tube.

NOTE: The set includes a tank connection allowing you to connect the Tropf Blumat system to any water container. The container must always be higher than the flowers.


  • Set includes 12 x Tropf Blumat probes, 32' x 0.31" (10 m x 8 mm) hose, 1 x tank connector, 13 x fittings
  • One Tropf Blumat will water about 9.8" (25 cm) of soil
  • Universal (suitable for all plants, including vegetables)
  • Perfect for balconies, patios, greenhouses, and raised beds
  • Easy to install (no power, no computer, no difficult programming)
  • Can be extended to up to 500 watering points with accessory kits
  • Includes detailed instructions
  • Made in Austria
To water balcony flower boxes, raised beds, or greenhouse plants:

Length # of Tropf Blumat Inserts
39.4" (100 cm) Min. 4
31.5" (80 cm) Min. 3
23.6" (60 cm) Min. 2

To water planters and troughs:

Diameter # of Tropf Blumat Inserts
Up to 9.8" (25 cm) 1
9.8" - 15.8" (25-40 cm) 2
15.8" - 19.7" (40-50 cm) 3

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