How to Custom Build Your Bahco Hand Pruners

The following steps will allow you to construct the product code for the Bahco pruner that is right for you.

Step 1 – Base Product Code

Start by writing down PX, the beginning of the product code for all the Bahco ergonomic hand pruners.

Step 2 – Choose Rotating or Regular Handle

Bahco pruner handles.

It's a matter of personal choice. The rotating handle is a favorite of professional growers who prune all day. It's elastomer coated for comfort. It will feel like a part of your hand and cuts with optimal accuracy and ease.

The rotating handle will help avoid blisters (or stretching your glove) caused by friction between the lower handle and the repetitive squeezing action of the hand.

Append an R to the PX if you would like the rotating handle.

Step 3 – Choose Handle Size

Measure just your right or left hand – the one that will hold the pruner.

3.1 – Hand Width

Palm side down, measure the width of hand across the widest part.

  • Less than 3 1/4": Yellow
  • 3 1/4" to 4": Green
  • More than 4": Red

3.2 – Hand Length

Palm side up, measure the distance from the tip of your middle finger to the base of your hand at the wrist fold line.

  • Less than 6 1/2": Yellow
  • 6 1/2" to 8": Green
  • More than 8": Red

3.3 – Handle Size

Use the chart to choose the handle size best suited for you.

Not everyone fits perfectly into small, medium or large. To help you choose between two sizes, remember:

A smaller grip will generally cause less stress on the hand in the resting position, so if your hand isn't flexible you will lean toward a smaller handle.

A larger handle will give more leverage when cutting – with declining hand strength you might lean towards the larger handle (provided you stick to smaller diameter cuts!).

It's your choice, based on the balance of your own hand strength and flexibility.

Append -S-M, or -L to your product code for handle size.

Step 4 – Choose Blade Size

Choose this based on what you intend to cut, or more specifically what you should be cutting based on your aches and pains!

  • № 1 – Capacity 15 mm (5/8"): Highly recommended for users who are already suffering from aches and pains in their hand or arm. Good for cutting flowers and smaller vines.
  • № 2 – Capacity 20 mm (3/4"): Recommended for users who do not feel any pain yet, but who want to avoid it. A good size for vines and small shrubs.
  • № 3 – Capacity 30 mm (1 1/4"): For tree trimming and older vines. Not recommended for users who already suffer from pains in the hand or arm. It is then advisable to use a lopper or a pruning saw when cutting large diameter.
Add a 12 or 3 to your product code for the blade size you chose.

Step 5 – Choose Right or Left Handed

This is an easy one – if you are left-handed, add an -L to your product code.
Please note that left-handed pruners are available only in limited sizes.