A low pressure diaphragm pump ideal for agricultural spraying, lawn care, pest control, and more.

Annovi Reverberi AR70BP-SP Diaphragm Pump

Annovi Reverberi AR70
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A low pressure diaphragm pump ideal for agricultural spraying, lawn care, pest control, and more.

Product Description

Provide your sprayer with the dependable performance it requires to remain active in the field for many years to come with this Annovi Reverberi AR70BP-SP Diaphragm Pump.

Capable of providing superlative performance on many small-to-medium sized sprayers, this low pressure diaphragm pump is equipped with two BlueFlex diaphragms and plastic-coated aluminum and stainless steel liquid handling parts for excellent chemical resistance. This enables for the pumping and spraying of many common agricultural chemicals, including herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, liquid fertilizers, de-icing materials, and other hard-to-handle fluids. This pump can be used for various agricultural spraying, lawn care, pest control, weed control, liquid fertilization, de-icing, and much more.

Some other features include a newly-designed diaphragm cut-out system that prevents contact tearing even in heavy-duty operating conditions, pistons with rings for a more efficient oil cushion system to protect diaphragms, and spherical sector profile valves for lower flow resistance and improved volumetric efficiency.


  • Max. Flow: 19.6 gpm (74.1 lpm)
  • Max. Pressure: 290 psi (20 bar)
  • Max. Pump Speed: 550 RPM
  • Max. Fluid Temperature: 140° F (60° C)
  • Max. Power: 3.4 HP
  • Port Sizes: 1 1/4" (31.7 mm) inlet, 1" (25 mm) outlet
  • Shaft: Single shaft with 3 holes (requires shaft kit)
  • Plastic-coated aluminum and stainless steel liquid handling parts
  • Two semi-hydraulic BlueFlex diaphragms
  • NBR Buna seals
  • Die-cast casing with oil-immersed mechanism
  • Oil drainage stopper
  • Air-hydraulic damper for smoother operation
  • Geomet metal fasteners
  • Rugged feet secured to pump casing
  • Crankcase Oil Capacity: 24 oz.
  • Includes relief valve with manual reset and drive shaft guard
  • Weight: 26 lb. (11.8 kg)
  • Recommended Pressure Regulator: AR RM20S, ECM, UCM, IDROMINUS
  • Recommended Gearbox: AR1671 for attaching to 5-6 HP gas engines with 3/4" (19 mm) shafts

Recommended Drive Options for the Annovi Reverberi AR70BP-SP Low Pressure Diaphragm Pump:

  • AR43392 1-3/8" (35 mm) Male Splined Shaft Kit
  • AR43389 1" (25 mm) Male Solid Keyed Shaft Kit
  • AR1514 Pulley Kit
  • AR2495 Hydraulic Motor Flange Kit

The Annovi Reverberi AR70 Diaphragm Pump can be used with the following repair kits:

  • AR43243 BlueFlex, AR43241 Desmopan, AR43240 NBR Buna Diaphragm Repair Kits
  • AR2364 Valve Repair Kit
  • AR2365 O-Ring Repair Kit

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