A medium pressure sprayer pump for lawn care, pest control, agricultural spraying, and more. Replacement for Hypro 9910-D403 Diaphragm Pump.

Annovi Reverberi AR403-SP Diaphragm Pump

Annovi Reverberi AR403 Pump
USD $581.45
  • SKU: AR403-SP
AR403 with Gearbox and Regulator
USD $1,012.86
  • SKU: AR403-GR3/4-GCI
Control Unit GR40 for D303 & D403 Pumps
USD $219.85
  • SKU: 9910-GR40
  • Buy 2 for USD $206.66 each and save 6%
  • Buy 6 for USD $197.87 each and save 10%
Annovi Reverberi Gearbox 3/4" KIT1640
USD $389.00
  • SKU: AR1636
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A medium pressure sprayer pump for lawn care, pest control, agricultural spraying, and more. Replacement for Hypro 9910-D403 Diaphragm Pump.

Product Description

The Annovi Reverberi AR403-SP Diaphragm Pump is recommended for medium pressure spraying applications that require flow rates up to 10.7 gpm (40.5 L/min) and pressures up to 580 psi (40 bar).

This semi-hydraulic, three diaphragm pump with BlueFlex diaphragms features anodized aluminum liquid handling parts for pumping and spraying a wide range of general agricultural chemicals, including liquid fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, and other hard-to-handle fluids. With the ability to be combined with gas engines, electric motors, or hydraulic motors, the AR403-SP can serve as an extremely reliable sprayer pump for medium pressure treatments in applications involving agricultural spraying, turf spraying, lawn care, weed and pest control, de-icing, gardening, greenhouses, orchard and vineyard spraying, and more.

With the BlueFlex diaphragms, you will receive some of the best performing diaphragms available today, totally redefining how durable a diaphragm can be, even when used in tough operating conditions. BlueFlex diaphragms easily handle a wide range of general agricultural chemicals like herbicides, pesticides, and liquid fertilizers, as well as some aggressive and hard-to-handle liquids. BlueFlex diaphragms have a shape and thickness that have been carefully optimized to limit mechanical stresses during the working cycle of the pump, even in tough operating conditions.

A newly designed blocking system of the diaphragms helps avoid contract tearing of the diaphragms, even in heavy-duty conditions. The valves with a spherical sector profile offer lower flow resistance and improved volumetric efficiency.

Every diaphragm pump requires the use of a pressure regulator, so the AR GR40 Control Unit / Pressure Regulator is recommended for this pump. If you plan on attaching this pump to a 5.5 hp gasoline engine with a 3/4" (19 mm) keyed shaft, order the AR1636 Gearbox.

The Annovi Reverberi AR403-GR3/4-GCI version includes the GR40 Pressure Regulator and AR1636 Gearbox for attaching to a 5.5 hp gasoline engine with 3/4" (19 mm) keyed shaft.

To adapt the AR403 Diaphragm Pump to a 1" (25 mm) solid shaft, order 9910-KIT2202 . To adapt to a PTO shaft, order 9910-KIT2200 (male) or 9910-KIT1704 (female) .

The Annovi Reverberi AR403 is a replacement for the discontinued Hypro 9910-D403 Diaphragm Pump.


  • Max. Flow: 10.7 gpm (40.5 L/min)
  • Max. Pressure: 580 psi (40 bar)
  • Max. Rated Speed: 550 rpm (3600 rpm for AR403-GR3/4-GCI)
  • Max. Fluid Temperature: 140° F (60° C)
  • Port Sizes: 1" (25 mm) NPT inlet, 1/2" (13 mm) NPT outlet
  • Shaft: Three bolt flange
  • Three diaphragm pump with BlueFlex diaphragms.
  • Anodized aluminum liquid handling parts and aluminum body.
  • Buna o-rings.
  • Oil drainage plug.
  • Clear sight glass for visual inspection.
  • Die-cast casing with oil-immersed mechanism.
  • Crankcase Oil Capacity: 15 oz.
  • Recommended Regulator: AR GR40
  • Recommended Gearbox: AR1636
  • Regulator and gearbox included on the AR403-GR3/4-GCI.
  • AR403 Weight: 20 lb (9 kg)
  • AR403-GR3/4-GCI Weight: 32 lb (14.5 kg)
  • Replacement for Hypro 9910-D403 Diaphragm Pump

Recommended Drive Options:

  • AR43393 1-3/8" 6-Splined Male Shaft Kit
  • AR43394 1-3/8" 6-Splined Female Shaft Kit
  • AR43396 (open sides) or AR43397 (closed sides) Hydraulic Motor Flange Kit
  • AR43390 1" Male Solid Shaft Kit

Recommended Repair Kits:

  • AR43289 BlueFlex, AR43287 Desmopan, AR43286 NBR Diaphragm Repair Kits
  • AR2388 Valve Repair Kit
  • AR2389 O-Ring Repair Kit

Under Resources you will find the manual, parts breakdown, and a capacity chart for the AR403-SP Diaphragm Pump.

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