Hudson Rootfeeder attachment for JD9-C guns. Root-feed with Green Garde Gun.

201-RF Root Feeder for JD9 Spray Gun - Chemlance

201-RF Root Feeder
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Green Garde JD9-C with Large Nozzle
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RF-3000 Replacement Tip - 3 hole
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Hudson Rootfeeder attachment for JD9-C guns. Root-feed with Green Garde Gun.

Product Description

Pressure root feed from 2 to 10 inches deep. Rugged, long lasting, stainless steel design.

Merely remove the barrel from your JD9-C gun, attach this root feeding tube and you are ready to apply material directly to the roots of your customer's trees. The 201-RF comes complete with a tee handle and adjustable foot plate to make your application of fertilizer and other deep root applicable materials easy and accurate. This tool is also known as a Chemlance in some areas.


  • Chrome-plated adjustable handle and foot plate.
  • Heavy duty steel pipe (schedule 80) construction.
  • Ideal for pressure root feeding from 2 to 10 inches deep.
  • Maximum Pressure: 1000 psi
  • 3 hole tip increases your possible volume to 4 gpm.

Green Garde is a first rate line of products for professional lawn and turf maintenance specialists, landscapers, pest control chemical applicators, greenhouses and commercial growers. This rootfeeder is suited for a wide-range of other professional spray operators.

Grounds and Landscape professionals extensively use deep root feeding for ornamental shrubs and trees. Soluble fertilizers are important also in the nursery production trade as well as the landscape management industry to correct and prevent minor nutrient deficiencies. Because fertilizers sprayed on the foliage do not always provide the nutrients required by the plants for satisfactory growth, rootfeeding allows the feed to be rapidly absorbed by the plant through the roots. It is particularly effective for treating iron deficiency using chelated iron.

Subsurface pesticide applications of liquid pesticides at high pressure places the bug killing material into the feeding zone of the soil, inhabiting insects. High-pressure liquid injection (HPLI) is functionally and aesthetically important. The surface being treated still remains playable in sports turf applications. Root-Zone injection is a consistent way to delivery your material without disturbing the turf surface.

Professionals can also use high-pressure liquid-injection for aerification. The high-pressure lance can inject streams of water 4 to 10 inches deep into the turf and loosen soil. This method is particularly applicable on golf courses and sports turfs, where the plugs or soil cores from traditional aerating interfere with play.