JRCO Dethatcher for mowers: Tine rake available in 36, 46, and 60 widths. Includes Mount Bar.

JRCO Tine Rake Dethatcher - Front Mount

JRCO Tine Rake Dethatcher 36-inch=27tine
CAD $1,467.22
  • SKU: 470
Front Mount Dethatcher 46"
CAD $1,489.99
  • SKU: 470-46
CAD $1,614.65
  • SKU: 470-60
Front Mount Dethacher Wide Wheels
CAD $1,917.23
  • SKU: 470-60W
Tine Double Double Loop
CAD $6.69
  • SKU: 4624DD
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JRCO Dethatcher for mowers: Tine rake available in 36, 46, and 60 widths. Includes Mount Bar.

Product Description

Control thatch while you mow with the heavy-duty Tine Rake Dethatcher by JRCO. Use this mower-mounted dethatcher throughout the growing season to control thatch accumulation and reduce the chance for turf disease. Remove embedded thatch that chokes off the root system and make room for green grass to grow. Available with 36", 46", and 60" wide rakes (model with 60" wide rake and 3" wide tires is also available).

The Tine Rake surface aerates the soil to improve root development and is excellent for turf renovation after excessive hot periods.

The tines on this rake can be used to lightly scarify the ground surface for seeding in spring, or to remove thatch and leaves without damaging healthy turfgrass in summer and fall. The tine rake is excellent for lifting matted grass on athletic playing surfaces or high-traffic areas. Whether you dethatch and mulch or cut and bag, Tine Rake dethatchers give the turfgrass a clean, combed, and striped appearance.

The JRCO mounting bracket bolts to the tractor's front frame and the dethatcher attaches to the bracket with clevis pins.

The front-mount dethatcher disconnects from the mounting bracket with three clevis pins.

The Ratchet Latch bar secures both arms and the simple ratchet release makes operation easy. Lift your dethatcher from the operators seat. JRCO Dethatchers now come with the Ratchet Latch, if you have an older model Dethatcher you can purchase a Ratchet Latch Conversion Kit.

Model specifications summary.
ModelWidthTine Count

Mounting bar included: Please provide make, model and deck size of your mower in the Notes section of the checkout process.

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