Nozzles and adapters for JD9-C.

JD9-C Gun Tips & Extension Wand Adapter - JD9C

JD9-C Gun Tip Large
CAD $30.08
  • SKU: 38602
JD9-C Gun Tip Extra Large
CAD $33.84
  • SKU: 38603
JD9-C Gun Tip Medium
CAD $33.84
  • SKU: 38604
JD9-C Gun Tip Small
CAD $33.84
  • SKU: 38605
JD9-C Gun Tip Extra Small
CAD $33.84
  • SKU: 38606
JD9-C Model 301 Tip Adapter
CAD $40.00
  • SKU: 38512
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Nozzles and adapters for JD9-C.

Product Description

JD9 Spray Gun Nozzles come in 5 sizes. For outdoor use, such as tree spraying and blanket pest control spraying, use the L or XL nozzle. For indoor use most of our customers prefer a small nozzle.

If you are replacing a used or damaged nozzle and would like to determine which nozzle you presently have, it is stamped on the side of the nozzle. You will see a "M", "L", "XL", "S" or "XS". Sometimes it is hard to see because of damage and wear, but it is there.

Tips and adapters for JD9-C.

  • XS Extra Small 0.3-1 flow rate (gpm)
  • S Small 1.0-3
  • M Medium 2.0-5
  • L Large 3.0-8
  • LX Extra Large 10-19

Tip Adapter: Adapts the Green Garde JD9-C spray gun to TeeJet wands, extensions and Teejet nozzles. You can not use the JD9 nozzles on the end of the brass wand. See below for a link to the brass wands. The brass wands have a link to the cap and nozzles.

The Green Garde JD9 spray gun nozzles.

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