Non-toxic, green, milk carton type trap, with sticky insert and pheromone lure.

Gypsy Moth Traps and Replacement Lures

Gypsy Moth Trap
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Gypsy Moth Replacement Lure
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Non-toxic, green, milk carton type trap, with sticky insert and pheromone lure.

Product Description

The Gypsy Moth Trap is a light green, weatherproof constructed card that can be used for multiple seasons. This style of construction makes it not only possible to catch large numbers of Gypsy Moths but also the replaceable adhesive insert enables repeated use in high infestation areas at a minor expense. Make sure to install in the canopy of the tree

This Gypsy Moth Trap captures the moths that lay Gypsy Moth larvae. This corrects the problem before it starts. Help save your deciduous foliage this season with this moth trap

When the European Gypsy Moth caterpillars are small, they remain in the top branches of host trees. At first they chew small holes in the leaves and later, as the caterpillars grow, feed from the outer edge of the leaf toward the centre. As they get increasingly larger, the caterpillars will feed at night when temperatures are cooler, and descend to shady areas during the heat of the day.

Homeowners can take advantage of these feeding activities by banding the main stem of an affected tree with the Gypsy Moth Barrier Trap. When the caterpillars hide during the day, they will often take advantage of the shelter the Gypsy Moth Barrier Trap offers.

Homeowners can encourage some of the predators, parasites and pathogens of the Gypsy Moth to visit their own yards or neighbourhoods. Herbs like fennel and basil attract many beneficial insects. Planting ground covers near your trees will provide a home for predatory beetles that will eat the European Gypsy Moth. Providing birdhouses and feeders for blue jays, chickadees, robins and other birds will help you control European Gypsy Moth populations.

This commercial Gypsy Moth Trap comes with a lure that is good for the whole season. The lure attracts the male Gypsy Moths only. The Male Gypsy Moth seeks out the trap and is captured on the sticky insert. The rest of the males that are not trapped continue to fly around looking for the females until they tire and die.

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