The Speedmeter is used for measuring the speed of a green.

Golf Green Speedmeter

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The Speedmeter is used for measuring the speed of a green.

Product Description

Use a Speedmeter in order to comparatively gauge the speed of your putting green with respect to the speed of other greens under the same conditions. This green speed meter functions in a way very similar to a Stimpmeter. This device is easy to use, and it helps you achieve accurate, objective, and statistically valid measurements of the speed of a putting surface. Instructions are available in the Resources section.

The Speedmeter is an extruded aluminum bar, 36 inches in length, with a V-shaped groove extending along its length. The Speedmeter has been modeled after the device styled Stimpmeter by the USGA around 1978. Of course, the USGA's device was itself modeled after the original design by Edward Stimpson circa 1936.

The speed of a green measured with a Speedmeter is dependent upon many factors. These factors include slope, grass type, grain direction, irrigation, weather and time of day. This is why green speeds that are numerically equal, but are measured at different courses can be qualitatively different. Thus, it has been argued that green speeds amongst different courses should not to be used for comparative purposes. Consequently, all green speed measuring devices are only precise when used to compare greens/surfaces under the same conditions, that is, at the same course. Therefore, the Golf Green Speedmeter has the same utility as the Stimpmeter as far as relative comparisons of green speed are concerned.

According to a survey/study by Dr. Thomas Nikolai, a turf grass specialist at Michigan State University, Stimpmeter readings varying more than 6 inches amongst adjacent greens are not detectable by most players. In addition, the difference between the readings from a Stimpmeter and the readings from a Speedmeter is less than 6 inches. Consequently, the small difference between Stimpmeter readings and Speedmeter readings is negligible as far as practical utility is concerned if the Speedmeter were used to measure green speeds and compare them to other surfaces or to greens at other courses in the absolute sense. This device for measuring the speed of golf greens is sometimes called a stemp meter or stempmeter.

Stimpmeter readings on typical North American golf courses generally range from 7 to 12 feet. This is also true of Speedmeter readings.

Use the golf green Speedmeter indoors on artificial greens and carpets so that you can be better prepared to take your polished putting stroke out on the course, and are able to relate the speed of your practice surface with the speed of the greens on your home course.

  • Instructions are included.
  • Makes a great practice tool.
  • An absolute must for every greens keeper.
  • Made in Canada

Make a great gift for the golfer on your list!

The Stimpmeter mark is a registered trademark of the United States Golf Association (USGA ).

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